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UltiMaster - Foldable Frying Net Basket Cooking

Speed up and level up your cooking!

Want to bring your cooking to another level? Well, UltiMaster Basket has a way! 

This is a high-quality item with a wide range of applications. The UltiMaster Basket is a versatile, branded, and attractive colander for pilafs, soups, and pasta meals. This basket comes with a removable strainer and a specially designed steam bucket for quick, easy, and hassle-free preparation in any kitchen. The ergonomics of its handle are designed to allow for firm grasp.


Flexible - This is a versatile colander that may be used for rinsing, washing, draining, straining, and even frying.

Accurate cooking - No more pouring hot water into a shaky colander for precise cooking. Because you go straight from the pot to the icy water, this is the finest approach to create hard-boiled eggs.

Easy storage - the UltiMaster Basket's design allows it to be folded flat after use.

Unique design - This basket, unlike a regular colander or steamer, has handles that help support the basket.