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Spiritseal - Global Decanter

The gentleman's choice of decanter 

Embrace your love of travel, adventure, and a good whiskey with our beautifully engraved globe decanter! Spiritseal is the perfect choice for gentlemen looking to bring class to their surroundings!

Hold the world in your palm as you share a glass with a friend or enjoy it by yourself! The glass ship and engraved glasses create the perfect setting for a late-night drink! 

Timeless as the ship it’s carrying, the bottle will let you enjoy your liquor’s full taste every time you open it! Seal your whiskey away in a beautiful display of art, class, and craftsmanship!.


Pour like a gentleman- Take your senses on a worldwide trip, share a drink with your partner while the rest of the world is watching you from the glasses!

Elevate your atmosphere- Expensive liquor deserves a classy presentation, bring a unique feel to the room with a masterfully crafted holder for your liquor! 

Refine the taste- Bring out the full aroma of your whiskey every time you have a glass, preserve its full taste well into the future!

Spiritseal is the ultimate choice- After a long day what’s better than to relax with a whiskey in hand while enjoying the sight of a ship sailing with your drink!