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SolarSoul - Bohemian Lunar Lamp

Bring the stars into your room

Align your home to the peaceful vibes of the astral! SolarSoul combines vivid colors and fluorescent projections to spread a magical scene around anywhere you put it!

The defined colorful shapes sit spread around all the background to create a tranquil mood across your entire room, at night you will feel the effects doubled in power!

Its mystical tone creates a calming setting where you can get closer to the astral as you meditate! Let SolarSoul be your north star in your esoteric path to enlightenment!


Immerse your senses- Cover your room with all the colors of the astral, bring a magnificent scene across your entire room!

Astral company- The stars are not as distant as you think, set the perfect mood for a relaxing soul-searching meditation!

A beacon of beauty- Standing as a starry giant in the night, SolarSoul projects a magnificent array of shapes and colors!

SolarSoul is the ultimate choice- Polarize the atmosphere with the beauty of the astral, enjoy a shimmering scene across your room at any time you wish!