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RubGlow - Cleaning Gloves Magic Silicone

Find the perfect gloves for your dishwashing needs!

Want to add colors and fun to your dishes? Well, strip your dishes with style, without a worry in the world.

RubGlow is a premium quality dishwashing gloves that are tough and durable enough to stand up to dishwashing and provide superior protection for your hands. A simple task just got a lot easier with high-quality dishwashing cleaning gloves at the perfect price. Pair it with your favorite dish cleaning product for a complete cleaning set!

Maximizing profits is easy with our gloves! A must-have tool for kitchen staff.


Eco-friendly - It is naturally harmless and non-toxic because it’s odorless and non-corrosive.

Temperature resistant - This cleaning glove has a silicone product that is high and low-temperature resistance.

Non-slippery - RubGlow is great for holding your dishes and produces a strong grip for any dishes you are cleaning. It will avoid the fall of fragile dishes.

Easy to foam - get your best dishwashing liquid or soap and enjoy the fast foaming of the soap for easy cleaning.