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KissGeek - Kissing Cat Mugs

Celebrate your anniversary with something special


Give your morning coffee a fresher taste and your first kiss a sweeter one! KissGeek is the perfect mug set for couples who love cats, coffee, and cute aesthetics around the house!

Handmade with love and painted with care, our cutesy mugs resemble the sweet look of your feline friends to bring you a warm feeling with every sip you take from them!

KissGeek are not only for couples, their cuteness will be appreciated by every cat lover! If you are searching for a gift, you can never go wrong with our heartfelt set!


Made to be together- Just like you and your partner, when you put the two mugs together they will show their affection toward each other!

Drink like a couple- Share a cup of coffee with your significant half while enjoying the sight of two playful kitties on your mugs!

Cat lover’s choice- Surprise our partner for your next anniversary with an adorable gift perfectly resembling your favorite animal!

KissGeek are the ultimate choice- What a better way to celebrate your special day than with a gift that will warm your hearts every morning!