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Shinemo - Long Handled Toilet Brush

The only toilet brush you’ll ever need

Cleaning every nook and cranny of your toilet with a traditional brush is an impossible task, but with our innovative scrubber, no microbes will be out of your reach!

Shinemo’s head bends to reach even the most obscure areas to make deep cleaning simple and spotless. The silicone bristles remove grime easily from both the inner and outer parts of the toilet!

Keeping your toiler bacteria-free and shiningly white won’t require you to get dirty, Shinemo’s extended handle lets even germaphobes scrub neatly without getting near the germs!


Leave every corner spotless- Shaped like a golf club, the silicone head bends to reach all hidden areas in and around the toilet, even under the rim!

Eliminate all the bacteria- Even the deepest corners can be reached and properly scrubbed. the bacteria have nowhere to hide!

Simplified deep cleaning- No need to get your hands dirty, the bristles catch everything, one tool is all you need for a full toilet cleanse!

Shinemo is the ultimate choice- Make your toilet shine from all angles, cleanse your bathroom from all the bacteria hiding in the corners of your toilet!