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Waterproof Ultra Adhesive Tape

Paste whatever and wherever you like!

Are you exhausted with cutting and pasting your stuff over and over? Do you spend money on the same tape and make multiple trips to the store? Do you care about the environment but trash a lot of paper tapes? Finally, it's time to put an end to your misery. 

NanoTape is a great product that allows you to stick your wall without peeling or tearing it, reuse it numerous times, and it will still maintain its strength. No more will you feel as if you are wasting your money when attempting to hang a poster, even if it is one that you have had for years. It's a lifesaver when it comes to decorating both inside and outside, plus it's much better for the environment.


Washable and Reusable - It was made with a water and mud resistant option. You can remove the non-paper sticky section with ease, wash it, and reuse it again and again.

Environmentally friendly - Stretch Creative Tape saves the use of paper and reduces the amount of waste that goes to a landfill.

Neat and Clean - It is easy to remove without leaving a residue on surfaces and fits both round and square shapes. Free your worries of tape marks!

Flexible - You can cut any length you want, maximize its double sided tape and paste any stuff like photo frames on the wall, tissue box and rack on the bathroom, or electric power extensions on the desk.