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Flexi-Peel-3 in 1 Peeler Slicer Shredder

Better ingredients for better cooking!

Always afraid about injuring your fingers while slicing and shredding? Do you wish to make cooking preparations easier? Here’s the good news! A multipurpose shredder will come to your rescue!

Chop, slice, grub, shred, dice - the Flexi-Peel has a blade of stainless steel that resists rust and scratches along with soft, non-slip handles. This kitchen gadget is needed to make perfectly easy, quick, and bright clean meals. Freshen your fruit and vegetables with the innovative new kitchen tool. Cycle your way to healthier, fresher produce every time you create a smoothie, a fruit shake, or even a great meal with the Flexi-Peel. Shred or peel vegetables like a pro.


Flexible Design - This multi-purpose grater, peeler, and shredder was created to help you obtain the perfect slice or peel without having to change blades.

Easy to Clean - this ring slicer does not need to be disassembled after each use; instead, it may be cleaned with running water.

Slip-resistant - When cutting French fries, cucumber slices, lemon slices, and potato chips, or other fruits and vegetables, this kitchen gadget has a handguard to protect your hands.

Less mess - this all-in-one includes a food container base to keep the kitchen counter clean.