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Lucha Lamp - Owl Lights

Bring A Watchful Eye To Your Garden

Lucha Lamp is your garden’s nocturnal ward! Standing tall, it's majestic esthetic is a wonderful addition to any outdoor place and a perfect light source for creating a soothing atmosphere!

It takes a minute to set it up, all you need to do is stake it down and adjust the solar panel. Without any wires, bills, or hassle, Lucha Lamp will lighten up your garden beautifully!
Lucha Lamp is even more resilient than the animal it resembles. It’s completely resistant to the harsh weather and everlasting through green energy. Once you set it, it brightens up your garden forever! 


The night’s ward- Standing tall and bright in the night, Lucha Lamp brings a smooth lighting décor to create a soothing atmosphere for your evenings out!

Powered by nature - Lucha Lamp feeds off the sun to brighten your garden from dusk until dawn. Put it where the sun shines and enjoy the endless warm lighting!

Easy nesting - Plant a stake in the soil and Lucha Lamp will find a home there! Through wind, rain, and snow it will never stop lighting your garden!

Lucha Lamp is the ultimate choice - Brighten up your evening atmosphere with a nocturnal companion that never stops bringing warm lighting to your garden!